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Upload your resumes on Showject

Upload your resumes

Account holders are able to upload several resumes to your target clients.

Manage your profile page on Showject

Manage your profile page

Share your skills, contact details, cover letter, projects, social media accounts, resume and so forth.

Share your resume with URL on Showject

Share your resume with URL

Clients are able to access your resume with a simple URL. Each resume has a unique URL and it's accessible any time.

Showcase your projects on Showject

Showcase your projects

Surprise your clients with your experiences and skills. Link your projects with your resume.



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  • Upload and share one resume
  • Share your resume with a link
  • Showcase your resume without registration
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$6.99 Monthly

  • Upload and share many resumes
  • Upload many projects
  • Share your resume with a link
  • Showcase your resume without registration
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What problem does Showject solve briefly?

  • You can share multiple resume versions with a link.
  • Upload your resume file without rewriting your information.
  • Link many projects to a specific resume.
  • Share all your information in one place.

What makes Showject different to other services?

You share your resume file. You don't need to spend time adding in your information. You just upload your resume file and share it via a link. One other benefit is that you can make a project portfolio for each resume.

How does the portfolio part work?

You may add projects linked to a resume. That means when your clients view your resume, they will also able to view project related to your resume.

Is my resume(s) visible on search engines like Google?

At the moment, no. However, this feature will be available in the nearby future.

Why is it important to showcase your projects?

Clients are likely to recruit you if you showcase your skills. The best way to showcase your skills is by having a portfolio.

Why is it important to have a resume online?

You are able to share all your information in one place. Your information can be easily found by your clients with a link.

What is displayed on the user profile?

The compulsory components are your profile image, resume and email address. However, you may add your skills, projects, biography, social media contacts and more.