Privacy Policy - Showject

Privacy Policy

Please read the following information to understand the data protection.

Privacy is important to us as it provides safety to all users that use Showject. Please note, the privacy policy explained on this very page is most certainly part of the terms and conditions. Words “we” and “us” will be presented occasionally which represents the company, service, and website.

1. General

All information that is published to Showject are stored and Showject reserves the right analyzing and reviewing information that we collect from users at any time. The information collected is used to provide good user experience by presenting relevant polls. Showject does NOT rent, share, or sell your information.

2. Users Details

Being part of Showject consists of providing details to us. All information is subject as solely your content and information. When registering, we require your email and password. Your email will be the most common information shared publicly along with your profile picture.

3. Policy Changes

Showject may update the privacy policy. If Showject does notify users, the news will be shared through email. We could also add a message to the service itself.

4. Cookies

Showject may use cookies on your computer. Cookies are there to improve user experiences. You automatically agree on the use of cookies when you register with Showject. This may include IP address, your information like the web browser. Cookies will be used when user’s login to their account.

5. Bank Details & Payments

Payments are done through a worldwide recognized third-party organization. We do not record bank record your bank information. For each payment approved, the bank owner will get an email as confirmation.